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  • Reveal Traits : 11 Feb, 5pm UTC

Short Story

Welcome to Monsteria

There are 500 unique monsters left here. Hundreds of these monsters have different traits. Food got very hard to find in Monsteria. therefore some monster became aggresive, while some others became very coward.

Monsteria is waiting for your help so it does not disappear.

  • 500
    Total Items
  • 750+
    Number of Traits


Question & Answer

What is Monsteria ?

Monsteria is a planet inhabited by monsters. Some monsters here perished from hunger, some from apathy. 500 monsters now want an owner.

What is mint price ?

Phase 1
Whitelist Mint : 0.00333 ETH
Whitelist Mint Date : 10 Feb, 5pm UTC

Phase 2
Public Mint : 0.00666 ETH
Public Mint Date : 10 Feb, 6pm UTC

How many max mints per wallet?

Max 5 NFTS per wallet

When is the reveal?

The reveal will be on 11 Feb, 5pm UTC.(24 hours)

How secure is this project ?

Monsters cannot be trusted. So, use the burner wallet for mint.

What is your contract address ?

Not ready, you can check mint day.